Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yacht Tales

Yacht, kissing the sands of beachside

Waiting for the captain to start the ride….

Doesn’t know its destination

But sails in an elegant fashion….

Anchors are removed from waters

Ready to make an entry into wild quarters…..

Moving away from the peaceful place

Battling the winds is its prime solace…..

Tearing apart the silent shores

Marking its arrival with loud roars…..

Into the world of heavy competition

And it’s nothing less than an expedition…..

Rough seas and wild storms

Cruising through them reveals its charm…..

Never let anything bring you down

For your fame will live times beyond…..

One day your struggles will come to an end

But make sure you leave a great trail behind…..

Back to the shore again to rest in peace

Life is also like a ship in every piece…

Seventeenth untold love story - Part 3

Ananya started to talk and sam listened. They shared their family and educational backgrounds. As they were talking sam realized that there was some kind of waves flowing between them. They shared many things in common and they sync very well. When the cab reached her house, sam wanted to ask for her mobile number but was afraid of her reaction so waved his hand and wished her good night.

There was a slim breeze at that hour of night, very gentle one, moving her silky hair like a Mexican wave. He was mesmerized with her beauty and was looking at her intently; all of a sudden she turned back, completely taking sam, off the guard. She smiled at him and went inside her home. That night sam was not able to sleep. He was thinking about her only.

Next day sam went to office hoping to have a conversation with her. When he entered his floor he saw her, but found there was something wrong with her. There was no liveliness in her face. He said hi but she responded meekly. He was disturbed because of her gloomy mood.

Sam and his team were having coffee that time Ananya came there with her friend, sam initiated the conversation with some courage

“How are you Ananya? Looks like not feeling well”

“I m fine, nothing like that. So how are you?”

“Ya I m good, so how is the work going on for you”

“It is fine, but I have to learn many things”

Then with more courage sam said “if you need any help ping me” and gave her his employee id. Sam was hoping for a message from her. But he didn’t get any.

Next day came the most awaiting message in the OCS. It was Ananya. Sam stopped doing all his work and started replying her queries. Then he asked her why she was sad the day before. She told her that she did some mistakes in some queries so got her manager’s piece of mind. Then sam volunteered to help her professionally.

They started to converse very often and exchanged their mobile numbers too. Their professional relationship turned into a good friendship and it was in turn blossoming into a beautiful relationship. Both started to feel comfortable with each other’s company and started to spend more time together. Days went, weeks went, their binding grew stronger, and though both liked each other they never really proposed.

One fine day sam decided to propose Ananya. He was very worried and was rehearsing hard on how to propose her. He met her in the cafeteria. She was talking about her team, suddenly he asked her,

“Will you marry me?”

For a split second Ananya was speechless, though she wanted to hear it from him, she never expected the proposal to be that way. She didn’t say anything.

Again sam asked her the same question. Ananya started to blush but at the same time there was some kind of concern on her face. She said, “I don’t know whether my parents will accept it or not?” but sam was interested only in her answer. From her smiles and tears he knew the answer.

From that day onwards their relationship changed completely. They bonded more and started to spend more time and space together. There was no difference between day and night for they spent most of their time either texting or chatting. Life was very blissful for him.

Everything went on smoothly until that day. It was that fateful day that shattered all his dreams. It had been six months from that April day when he met Ananya for the first time. The day started like a normal one except there was no message from Ananya. Sam was little worried about that. He called her but could not able to reach her. He was very disturbed. Finally she called up and asked him to come to yummy ice cream parlor, where they used to spend most of their time together. Her voice was not normal, that worried him a lot. He left office early and went to the ice cream parlor.

She was waiting for him. He went near her and asked

“Are you okay? Why you did not come to office? Any problem in your house?”

She said, “Everything is fine”

“Then why you did not come to office”

Then she told him the most unexpected words, “sorry sam, I m very sorry. But I don’t have any other choice”

“I can’t get you. Why you telling me sorry?”

Ananya said, “I m getting married soon”

It struck like a thunder bolt to him. He was jolted and don’t know how to react.

She continued, “It is the end of us, we have to part. There is nothing that can be done now. Everything is over”

“I can’t let it end this way…..I just can’t…….”

“No we have to…… we have to move on….”

“No I can’t……”

“But we have to sam… we have to move on…..”

Sam was able to hear the words in distance. Someone telling him,

“Move on man…. We have reached the office …. Come on start moving…”

Suddenly sam woke up and saw he was in bus inside the office campus. His friend is asking him to get down from the bus. Sam was confused; he didn’t know what was happening.

Vinod said, “Still thinking about the white salwar girl in the stop?”

Only then sam realized that all this time he was dreaming about the girl, whom he saw for a moment when he entered the bus. Sam regained his conscious and then put iPod back in his pocket and started to get down from the bus. When he got down he was searching for the pink salwar, but it was in vain. Sam was thinking about his dream, then vinod said “dei athu epadi da stop nu sonna udane unkitta than solarange nu nenaiche……”(how come u thought that she asked u to stop the bus?). The same dialog, which he heard in his dream. He was shocked a little and thought whether he has seen his future or Final Destination movie kinda thing happening to him.

Then he reached his floor and got into the lift. When the door was about to close he heard the voice again, “stop… stop…. Stop…”. He saw vinod sporting the same mischievous smile which he envisioned in his dream. There came the pink salwar girl with her friend. Sam was totally shocked.

Not because that Ananya(the pink salwar girl) entered the lift and everything has been happening as he saw it in dream, but the girl next to Ananya, her friend was more beautiful than her. She was wearing black salwar and looked gorgeous in that.

Sam cursed himself, “How come I missed her in the dream?”

Then vinod asked him “ennada machi inniki kalaile unnoda fifteenth love story comedy ah mudinchiduchi?”(Hey dude what happened? Your fifteenth love story ended hilariously today morning).

“Aama machi but eppo seventeenth love story start ayiduchi”(yes dude, but now seventeenth love story has started)

“Enna da volarure fifteen ku apram sixteen thane da, epadi seventeen”(hey what you are saying? Sixteen only comes after fifteen right? Then how come seventeen?)

Sam smiled to himself, morning it was fifteen, in dreams he saw his sixteenth love story. Now his seventeenth love story begins………….

Disclaimer All the characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance is purely accidental.

Seventeenth untold love story- Part 2

Sam was embarrassed of what happened to him and he was afraid that his team mate, his friend, vinod would definitely tell the incident to all his team, making him the talk of the week. The bus was nearing the office so Sam opened his eyes and saw people either immersed in music or having the power sleep as he would call. Suddenly the pretty faces which looked at him in the morning popped up in his mind, and he remembered one girl in particular, she was wearing pink color chudi which was perfectly going with her fair complexion. He didn’t see her properly because of the humiliation he encountered in the morning, but for a split second they made eye contact. And that was enough for him to capture her beauty in his mind.
He started looking for the girl from his seat. All he was able to see was the pink lining of her dupata. He adjusted his position to see her but it was in vain. The bus entered the office and everyone started getting down, Sam tried to have a look at the girl but since she was sitting in the first row she got down early. Sam was little disappointed. Vinod was still in the hangover of the morning happenings; he was teasing Sam and made him very angry. “dei athu epadi da stop nu sonna udane unkitta than solarange nu nenaiche……”(how come u thought that she asked u to stop the bus?). he was irritating him all the time till reached the office.
He reached his block and entered the lift to go to his floor. The lift was about to close when he again heard the voice “stop… stop…. Stop…” vinod too heard it and he had a mischievous smile at Sam. The lift door, which was about to close, opened like a screen to reveal the lady in pink. Yes it was the same girl, whom Sam was trying to see in the bus. For a moment his heart beat stopped. But it was only for a short moment because the girl recognized him and giggled something to her friend. He felt disappointed a little. But he was not able to control his feelings for her. She was really good and beautiful but not as mind blowing as the girl he saw in the morning. But she was looking pretty.
The floor bell ringed and Sam could hear “fourth floor…” and he has to leave the lift. But surprisingly she too got down from the lift and was wondering where to go? Sam thought of helping her but vinod was also there. So he was not ready for further embarrassment, if in case she ignores, so he went to his bay. Sam started checking his mails and was seeing whether there are any mails from onsite. Priya came near to him and said “stop stop stop..” and laughed hard. Sam understood at once that his stunt in the morning has been broadcasted successfully to the entire team by vinod.
He started to work as usual. Around 11.30 Vinod pinged him in OCS,” hey coffee?” he replied yes and they started towards the pantry. Priya too joined them for coffee. Sam got the coffee and he was quietly sipping it, while vinod was enacting every bit of what happened in the bus that morning to Priya and to other team mates. Sam’s mind was engulfed with the thoughts of the pink girl.
They reached their bay after finishing their coffee. When Sam was about to sit he saw pink chudi again. She was standing two bays away from him. Sam was wondering what she was doing there. The manager of another project came there and was talking with them.
Faintly Sam was able to hear what they were talking. The manager was introducing them to his team.
“She is Ananya, new folk from academy. She will be joining our team”
Sam started to chant her name like mantra in his mind and heart. At that time his manager called him and gave him some tasks to complete. After that, sam got immerged into his work. Two days passed by and sam never made any advances to her. That day the work extended till 8.30 in the evening. Almost everyone has left in the floor. Sam got up and saw Ananya still sitting and doing something in her system. He wanted to talk with her but was hesitant to do that so he refrained himself from approaching her. He had some more tasks to complete so after a quick break he started working again.
“Excuse me”, sam looked up and saw Ananya near him. He was totally baffled by her presence.
“Can u please tell me how to book cab, its already late and buses have left”, sam, though was speechless he composed himself and told her the procedure. She said thanks and introduced herself, “I m Ananya”. Sam said to himself “yeah I know, that is the only word that has been echoing in my mind for the past two days”. She said thanks and retired to her place. Sam was excited because he spoke with her for the first time. He finished his work and went to get his cab.
A big surprise was awaiting him, when he got into the cab, he saw Ananya.
She said, “Hi”.
To be continued….

All the characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance is purely accidental.

Seventeenth untold love story- Part 1

It was 7 in the morning and Sam was sleeping. It was April but the sun is scorching and sucking all the water out of the body. The mobile started screaming “who let the dogs out bow bow….” Involuntarily Sam’s hand went to press the snooze button and went for a power sleep; this has been the routine for almost two years.
Sam is the protagonist of this story. He has been working in Cognizant for the past two years. He is smart and attractive. He has been living alone after getting transferred to the Chennai office a year before. He has all the gadgets from iPod to Thunderbird and enjoys his bachelorhood like a bachelor should do. He is from southern district of TamilNadu but did his college in Chennai. After finishing the college he joined cognizant and became citizen of the world. He travelled to USA twice and UK once for his onsite projects. Like all parents, his parents wanted him to get married soon but he had a dream girl in his mind and was never ready to compromise on that.
Now coming back to the April morning, five minutes have gone by and again the alarm screamed “who let……….”, but this time Sam was awake. He was feeling very tired and reluctant to go to office. He hated Monday mornings….. he took his pillow and tried to cover his face so that the penetrating morning rays don’t disturb him. But it was of no use; he sat on his bed and stretched his hands and legs. He then stood up kicked his pillow and went inside the restroom to complete his morning duties. By the time he got dressed up it was 7.40. He was supposed to board his bus by 7.40, but it’s already time. But he was cool as usual; he knows the bus won’t reach the stop before 7.45 so he geared up and locked his room. He reached the bus stop at the right time and boarded the bus.
When he entered the bus, he felt something was different, something exciting was happening to him. He was able to feel the cool breeze in the scorching sun, a sweet exotic scent amongst the polluted air; he was able to hear an enchanting voice from distance ……. “Stop, stop, stop……” , he just looked out through the door and he was awe struck.
He saw an angel dressed all in white and came running towards the bus. Suddenly he remembered his friend telling him the other day, that there are some new people gonna join the office. They are new recruits trained in academy and are released from there to join their respective offices. That time he showed no interest but now after seeing the angel in front of him he felt like flying in air. There were thousand butterflies flying inside him, but suddenly everything started moving away from him.
He got confused, he turned back and saw the driver pressing his leg hard on the accelerator…. He got angry and was not ready to let the driver spoil his dream of getting near to the girl of his dreams.
He said “anna konjam bus niruthunga …… orunthanga era varanga”(plz stop the bus, theres someone wanted to board it)… “illa sir signal pottan , signal le thandi niruthuren illana late ayidum, intha signal le thandrathu rumba kashtam”(sir let me cross the signal and stop the bus otherwise it wil get late).. but Sam was in no mood to let his dream girl suffer in this hot sun so he turned back to the driver and said in loud voice “ vandiye niruthunga avanga erinathuku aparam polam”(stop the bus , let her board it then we shall move)… driver reluctantly stopped the bus.
His lady love was moving towards him. His heart started to beat fast and he can hear its Lub-Dub sound. As she came nearer he was able to see her beautiful face. She had a long hair which was left open and it was moving like a wave, she had the best pair of lips – rosy one, her figure was perfect and she was his dream girl. She came running towards him and he had no idea what to do. He was still standing on the foot board to welcome his lady into the bus. She came near and slowed down her pace. Sam started to count the feet as she came near to him. He started to say himself, “ ten…. Nine… eight… seven… six…. Five… four…. Three… two…. One…. Zero……” his heart stopped.
She saw him and he got lost into her eyes. It was the best feeling he ever had in his whole life. Suddenly he can hear a voice, it was strong and hard… no it was not hers… it was his mind voice, he can hear it saying, “minus one…. Minus two…. Minus three… minus four….. minus five…..” he was puzzled, she was not boarding the bus , but she was moving past the bus. He had no idea what was happening there. She went straight ahead and boarded a bus which was waiting for her… yes she was not from cognizant. She belonged to another company. She came running to board her bus. Our hero Sam was disappointed, but suddenly he realized what happened a minute before. He was actually having an argument with the bus driver to stop the bus. He turned back and saw driver from the corner of his eyes…. He was looking like a villain of old age cinema with a gruesome look. Sam saw his lips moving but can’t hear what he was saying, but from his reaction he understood what those words were “%%*&*)(&*%^#$!@#$@#^%$&*^(*&^&%^%#$%$#^$%&^&*(*&)(&*%$#$#@$#^%%*&^*…….” he went calmly and sat there in the seat reserved by his friend vinoth.
His friend was laughing like anything that made him angrier. Suddenly the bus stopped, he craned his neck to see what has happened, it was the traffic signal…..RED color…..the driver tried hard to get past that signal before it turns red, but thanks to Sam’s heroics he had to halt it before the stop line and the timer in the signal clocked 180. Everyone in the bus looked at him in an awful way. He saw many new faces and some pretty faces too. But he was in no mood to think about the pretty faces. To avoid the glares, he plugged his iPod and closed his eyes.

To be continued….


All the characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance is purely accidental.

Poem for a Friend

From the blissful land of greens
Comes a little girl with lots of dreams
With a pair of beautiful eyes
And a naughty smile down her cheeks

She looks very shy and timid
But loves her friends without any limit

She brings delight to the surrounding
Entertains the little birds by singing
She has a great passion for reading
And the joy in her is never ending

She carries a look s of a child
But her tantrums are wild

Little Princess’s eyes are open and wide
With eyebrows moving like an ocean less tide
Standing atop on a meadow side
Waiting for the Prince to take her for a ride

She is the angel walking down the lane
And gorgeous DEEPTHI is her name

Conquering IT is the real Feat ………

Lows and highs,

Poor and rich,

Weak and strong

Contrast is the word

That drives this world…….

People feel bad

And they go mad

When they face a lean patch

They complain without

Understanding the fact that

Life is like a match……..

There is no mountain

Without valley

One who understands this,

Travels the right alley……..

Success is not everything


Failure teaches us many things

So never be afraid of defeat

Conquering IT is the real feat ………

I remember your promise…..